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Traditionally, safety-critical industries such as the Medical Device industry have been carefully regulated to protect the health of patients. More recently, additional industries have joined the ranks of being carefully regulated. One prominent example being the Banking industry, where a regulatory body such as the European Banking Authority (EBA) is spending large efforts to avoid a banking crisis similar to the one that shook the world 2007 - 2008 to materialize.

Regulation commonly stipulates how organizational processes shall be setup, operated and controlled. Here, quality assurance instructions and routines play a vital role. A further area of of regulation concerns the development and maintenance of information systems. More specifically, the development process needs to satisfy at least a few basic criteria, one of which being that the development process should embed tools and techniques for ensuring that regulatory requirements are actually implemented in the system under development. We refer to this as "Compliance Engineering".

While industries differ in aspects of regulation, a common set of tools and techniques can be used for Compliance Engineering within a range of industries. Celeris offers proven techniques for compliance engineering within both the MedTech industry and the Banking industry.

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